Compact Tuners

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  • Invisible Tuner
    Creative tuner with invisible body design USB rechargeable Lithium battery 3-color LED display ..
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  • ST-711A Skull Tuner
    Want something special and fun? ST-711A Skull Tuner is a creatively designed tuner for guitar and bass. Let its eyes tell you if your instrment is in tune! Glossy finish with a skull on the case Two-color LED gives clear indication of sharp or flat New version software guarantees..
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  • WSI-30 Harmonic Ear Training Simulator
    Harmonic Ear Training with pitch testing and sight singing exercises. Flat/Sharp sound tuning Humanized software designed to make practice more convenient. Auto-off function. The machine will automatically turn off after 5 minutes of inactivity. Saves settings upon power-off. ..
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  • WST-500B Professional Tuner for GuZheng
    WST-500B is a professional tuner specially designed for GuZheng. ..
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  • WST-500C Professional Tuner for Lute & Erhu
    WST-500C is a professional tuner for Lute & Erhu. Perfect for traditional Chinese instruments! ..
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  • WST-520C Chromatic Tuner
    WST-520C is a Chromatic tuner that is ideal for Wind Instruments Semitone Display Mode: ♯/♭ Input jack Built-in MIC 3 LED tuning indicator; flat/ intune/ sharp ..
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  • WST-520GB Guitar & Bass Tuner
    WST-520GB is designed for guitar and bass. Semitone Tuning:♭ 1/4 in (6.3mm) Input and Output jacks Built-in MIC 3 LED tuning indicators to tell you if your note is flat, sharp or in tune LCD Displays string number and note name ..
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