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  • WSM-001A Metronome
    The WSM-001A Metronome just might be the last metronome you need. A large LCD panel displays all you need to know: Multiple rhythms, time signature and tempo. How many metronomes have a tone generator? Well, the WSM-001A has one! Standard pitches C to B. Use the metrono..
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  • WSM-240 Portable Metronome
    Metronome and Tone Generator Measure indicator makes practice easier Pre-beat (up beat) function gets the player ready to start the song. Vertical metronome (downbeat indicator) gives a more direct view of the beat. Using encoder to control speed makes the operation simpler and faster. ..
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  • WSM-288 Metronome and Tone Generator
    The WSM-288 is a combination Metronome and Tone Generator. It is the essence of Tempo and Tone. Enhance your rhythm chops and tempo. Calibrate your ears to various A4 settings with the Tone Generator. The rolling wheel makes the operation simpler and faster than your usual metronome. Its g..
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  • WSM-330 Mechanical Metronome
    High Accuracy Mechanical Metronome Precision Spring Mechanism Variable tempo from 40 to 208 bpm Downbeats (with different tone than the beat per measure tone) Traditional tower shape ..
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