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  • ACD-006A
    New NUX ACD-006A switching power adapter is highly efficient to use with guitar pedals. It has a switching regulator in order to control the conversion of electrical power. Stabilizing the voltage is very important for the pedal sound also. ..
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  • ACD-008A
    AC-DC Power Adapter 1000mA for powering many pedals including digital pedals Automatic adapted to wall voltage from AC 100V ~ 240V ..
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  • NUX NMP-2
    It is a multi-foot controller specially designed for arranger instruments (Keyboards, Modules, Effect pedals…etc) Using this controller you can easily active all the main functions of the equipment. 1.This unit combines the functions of latch type and WTB-005 (momentary type) foot switches. Both ..
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  • STB-4
    STB-4 is a pedal board with bag that allows user to set up 4 normal size stomp pedals ..
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  • WAC-001
    This is a daisy-chain cable to power multiple NUX Pedal with one adaptor. ..
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  • WTB-004
    This can work as foot switch for Mighty 15/50X, Frontline 15/30/50, Acoustic 30 amplifiers, Loop Core, and NUX multieffects. ..
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