Mini Core Series

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  • Brownie Distortion
    The Classical British rock tones of the 1970’s, packed into one little box. ..
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  • HD PITCH Mini Pedal Tuner
    NUX HD PITCH Mini Pedal Tuner is a precise tuner with full colored LED screen and HD visuals. And it is perfect to be "first" in a signal chain. ..
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  • JTC Drum & Loop
    Jam Track Creator Drum&Loop is the Smallest 24bit loop pedal with auto detection drum machine. ..
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  • Konsequent Digital Delay
    NUX's Konsequent Mini Pedal has re-defined delay! ..
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  • Lacerate FET Boost
    Lacerate is a mini pedal with a huge boost! The unbelievably simple user-interface comes from our complex Dual FET Circuit Design, but don't worry about what's under the hood. Just enjoy the 1 Simple Control-Knob, 2 Boost Options, and 2 Bypass Modes. ..
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  • Monterey Vibe
    NUX Monterey Vibe, born to recreate the grand, yet complex, psychedelic rock guitar sound of the 1960's and 70's. ..
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  • Morning Star Overdrive
    The Morning Star lights up all of the classic aspects of a great blues breaker pedal, but we added something stellar to improve the high-frequencies. ..
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  • Oceanic Digital Reverb
    NUX Oceanic, a reverb effect as vast and deep as its name! ..
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  • Rivulet Chorus
    A crystal clear river. Flowing, transparent. The Rivulet design concept! ..
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  • Sculpture Mini Compressor
    NUX Sculpture Compressor pedal offers a consistent volume output level and sharpens the signals on top and bottom edges. When you start picking your guitar, it will clean the loud (peak) notes and increase the sustain by raising the level of decaying (quiet) notes. Sculpture also contributes to the ..
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  • Tube Man MKII Overdrive
    Genuine Tube-like sound that makes it more than your average Tube Screamer! ..
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