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  • Amp Force Modeling Amp Simulator
    Built upon the TS/AC (True Simulation of Analog Circuit) technology, Amp Force offers twelve warm tube guitar amps sounds in a compact sized twin pedal. With its dual engine and A/B output, Amp Force allows you to mix two-amp sounds together and pan it to two outputs. A switchable noise gate and 12 ..
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  • Drive Force Modeling Stomp Simulator
    With ten models including booster, tube overdrive, and distortion, Drive Force gives you all pedal sounds you'll ever need. With its Dual Engine and A/B output, Drive force allows you to mix two-drive sounds together and pan it to two outputs. A switchable noise gate and 12 cabinet models can be app..
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  • Mod Force Multi Modulation Effects
    This is an effects pedal for the guitarist who wants to color their guitar sound with unlimited sound shaping possibilities. With twelve fashion effects including the nice tape Flanger, 8-stage Phaser and spacious u-vibe, Mod Force gives you all the modulation effects you'll ever need. With its Dual..
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  • Time Force Multi Digital Delay
    A total of 11 delay models including tape, analog, reverse and more, provide best tone of full direction. Either instrument input or loop jacks of guitar amp can be connected to TIME FORCE with -10dB or +4dB input/out put, and kill dry functions. Flexible I/O jacks detect the stereo and mono connect..
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